Simak lirik lagu Backburner Niki Zefanya

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Penyanyi kenamaan dari 88rising yakni Niki Zefanya telah merilis video klip dari lagu Backburner miliknya pada 15 Mei 2023 lalu. Simak lirik lagu Backburner Niki Zefanya.

Sejauh ini, lagu Backburner yang sudah diupload di YouTube Niki telah ditonton sebanyak lebih dari satu juta views. Meski lagu Backburner ini telah dirilis sejak Agustus 2022 lalu tetapi, lagu ini masih menjadi perhatian netizen yang merasa relate.

Backburner sendiri ialah istilah yang merujuk untuk menggambarkan laki-laki atau perempuan yang memiliki sedikit minat untuk berkencan. Bahkan, tidak memenuhi syarat untuk memulai berkencan tetapi ada kesempatan untuk mereka di lain waktu. Ini lirik lagu Backburner Niki dan terjemahannya.

Lirik Lagu Backburner
I can’t lie, it feels nice that you’re calling
You sound sad and alone and you’re stalling
and for once, I don’t care about what you want, as long as we keep talking
(as long as we’re talking)

I mean, you gotta admit the history’s
kind of unmatched
Asian Calvinism— we made it out of that
Well, whether we’re free of will or predestined,
Clearly I’ve not learned my lesson even now
Hope He doesn’t strike me down (strike me down)

The Goo Goo Dolls are dead to me
the way you should be too
but you bring them up
along with how much I fucking miss you

Maybe I’m just not better than this, I haven’t tried
Maybe life’s less romantic when I don’t wanna die
You’d think I’d be a fast learner
but guess I won’t ever mind crisping up on your backburner

Your backburner
Your backburner
Your backburner
Your backburner

It’s pathetic but at least, you are too
I don’t know what to do
I don’t like anyone except sometimes you
And now you’re sounding like a hurt puppy
You look ugly when you cry
but I’m the one you think to call
How do you feel lucky and appalled
at the same time?
After everything you put me through
I somehow still believe in you, oh (I do, I do, I do)

but I know in a week or so,
you’ll fade away again
and I wish that I cared
Hey are you still there?

Maybe I’m just not better than this, I haven’t tried
Cause maybe you’ll finally choose me after you’ve had more time
I thought I was a fast learner,
but guess I won’t ever mind, guess I won’t ever mind
Maybe I blame my mother bleeding into my stride
Maybe it was my father and his wandering eyes
(It’s their fault that) I’ll always be in your corner
Cause I don’t feel alive ‘til I’m burning on your backburner

Oh, and I know that it’s sad that I settle for the backburner
Oh, guess I won’t ever mind crisping up on your backburner
Oh, as long as you still think of me

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